European KYUSHO Academy

KYUSHO Trainings

A KYUSHO Trainings may only give:
- in club: from minimum EKA Level 4. instructor
- in style: from minimum EKA Level 5. instructor
- on national level: from minimum EKA Level 6. instructor
- on international level: from minimum EKA Level 7. instructor

The official list of the EKA Instructors You can find under the given page.

General Kyusho course can give to any of interested groups.

EKA KYUSHO Trainings only for EKA member martial artist, who made minimum one EKA Level course!

Members who already done minimum one EKA Level course can participate on the same or lower level course by free. even if they did not make exam!

For the usual monthly training (once a month) You can ask Your EKA Kyusho Instructor, Country, or Style Representative!

About the open courses, EKA Instructor Levels You can get information here on the Kyusho Calendar site, in EKA Newsletter, or on Facebook!

For EKA Newsletter Click HERE!