European KYUSHO Academy



European Kyusho Academy (EKA),
which is an international, style-independent, professional organization, was founded in 2005

It is the European and sole Hungarian representative of Dillman Karate International (DKI).

Objectives of EKA:

- Anatomical and energetic research of the human body, and sharing it in martial arts;
- Search for the most efficient techniques, elaborate, practice and teach them;
- Master and teach resuscitation, revival, energetic reparation and healing;
- Healthier and more effective way of practicing martial arts, combat sports with helping of Kyusho
- Introduce the original interpretations of martial motions and movements;
- Train high qualified Kyusho instructors;

All above must be done by integrating Kyusho into our own martial art.

Our philosophy:

All the fighting techniques  must be precise, accurate, intentional and conscious.

Be fully aware of what we are doing – and be able to restore what we had destroyed.

That’s the POINT of European Kyusho Academy

3 main pillars of EKA
- Dr. Bodor Géza, Dr. Steve Stewart - medical acupuncture
- Shihan Zsolt Szénási - martial art techniques
- Laoshi András Tótisz -  energetics

President of the EKA
Mr. Esteban Perez Matas - Spain, (Mr. Esteban is the technical director of World Karate federation - WKF)
Honorary President
Prof. Leslie Molnár - Canada
Founder member of the Hungarian Karate
International Director
Dr. Steve Stewart Phd., 8. Dan - Canada.
Managing Director / Chief Instructor
GM. Zsolt Szénási, 7 Dan The founder and inventor of the EKA Instructor Level System and Trainings
Co Director / Chief of Energy & Healing
Laoshi T.O. Teas Founder member of EKA

Advisory Board
- George A. Dillman: founder of  Kyusho
- Leon Jay – Great Britain, Small Circle Jujitsu grand master, the founder master, Wally Jay’s son. Wally Jay was one of the master of Bruce Lee.
- Will Higginbotham -  close student of the founder

EKA has an own, professional teaching method and material, which is based on its own research work, and the help of the masters and organizations listed above. This curriculum contains the theoretical and physical parts of Kyusho-training thematically, from the basics till master’s degree. This complex system broadens and develops continuously.

EKA members today:

Austria, Dubai, Egypt, Greece, Croatia, Canada, Hungary, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Sri Lanka, Slovenia, New Zealand.

EKA members are from different combat sports, e.g. aikido, capoeira,  defendo, eskrima/kali/arnis, goju ryu, isshin ryu, kyokushin, kick box, krav maga, K1, ninjitsu, shito ryu, shotokan, tae kwon do, thai box, wado ryu, wingchun kungfu, qui quong.

We are convinced that teaching a real martial art is irresponsible and will be beyond possibility soon without being up in Kyusho.

Enquirers are welcomed, who would like to master and build into their own martial art this system, which has sunk into oblivion. On the other hand they can conduce to the development of EKA too by sharing the transformed Kyusho jitsu with the members of EKA – as all of the members have being done.