European KYUSHO Academy

Civil Defense

SMARTGUARD is the CIVIL Kyusho part of the EKA and of the SMARTSportSystem.

The most complete Self & Health Defense System.

Easy to Learn
Enjoyable to Practice
Effective to Use

Get ready to enjoy Your LIFE without fear!

A SMARTGUARD feel the difference from all the other modern selfdefense system:

- Self & Health Defense
- Kyusho
- Biztos alapok, melyek folyamatos és végtelen fejlődést biztosítanak
- Modern inquries
- Actual Researches
- Thousand years experiences


- do not want to be a martial artist, but would like to protect Yourselfe?
- You practice martial art, but You feel it is not real enough?
- Are You a master / trainer and You want to widen Your services?
- Are You a master / trainer and You want to enlarge the circle & the number of Your students?



  1. -complete educating method
    - instructor training programme
    - business plan

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